From the Hillforts, Clay Pressings and Roundels

Here are beautiful and rather magical clay textures gathered from their surroundings out on Poles Coppice and Lower Camp, Pontesford Hill by children from Minsterley Primary School and a local Woodcraft Folk group.
In freezing conditions this February, clay artist Ruth Gibson encouraged the children as they pressed clay balls into bark, plants, leaves and burrs.

Later, away from the weather, the children of Minsterley Primary made clay roundels, drawing designs into the surfaces, inspired by Iron Age myth and iconography.

At the same time, the children worked with poet Jean Atkin to create words that expressed their experiences:

We hunted for plants, leaves, trees to smudge our clay.
I crouched till I found the perfect shape.
My leaf was rough and hard to tear off

but a perfect, delicate pattern transferred.

My feet touched vast ground deep in chestnut leaves.
A Cornovii warrior stood sharp with spear and shield.
Trees, birdboxes, grass, leaves, grass, leaves, sky

The snow fell onto my hair.


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